For That Perfect Gift or Memory of Ouray

  • Bloom Modern Mercantile Product

    Bloom Modern Mercantile

    Bloom Modern Mercantile is a mountain boutique full of unique home decor, candles, handbags and wallets, clothing and jewelry, too! Gifts for everyone.

    645 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Inside Chief Ouray Trading Post Store

    Chief Ouray Trading Post

    Specializing in Native American Indian Jewelry and art. As you walk into our store, you will be mesmerized by our display of turquoise jewels, vibrant paintings, and much more.

    735 Main Street | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Color & Quill earrings

    Color & Quill

    These small pieces of color, texture, and love are hand stitched by using Japanese seed beads and quills.

  • Inside of Columbine Gifts & Jewelry

    Columbine Gifts & Jewelry

    We welcome all guests to Ouray, Colorado. As you walk into our store, be prepared to see stunning jewelry, glass work, and wood workings. We have plenty of inventory to make our shop a must stop for gifts for yourself or others.

    614 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Inside of Columbine Mineral Shop

    Columbine Mineral Shop

    Our rock shop will leave you in awe. The stunning beauty of what the Earth creates for us to see is simply amazing. Our store offers all varieties of stones. Whether you are a rock-hounder, collector, or a guest it is a great place to take a piece of our home to your home.

    633 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Woman posing wearing Cora Belle & Company Jewelry

    Cora Belle & Company

    With a beautiful selection of jewelry, our shop is worth taking a look at. With a friendly staff, we welcome all visitors!

    640 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Inside of Gator Emporium

    Gator Emporium

    A gift shop featuring wonders of the world. Representing multiple cultures, we carry everything from artifacts to clothing! Open year round. We ship!

    608 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Inside of High Country Leathers

    High Country Leathers

    We specialize in high quality fashions that are both attractive and functional. We select the best quality apparel available. We specialize in most apparel that is leather.

    533 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • View of road curving toward mount abrams

    Humble Mountain

    824 Main Street | Ouray, CO 81427

  • Inside of Khristopher's Culinaire

    Khristopher's Culinaire

    Whether you love cooking or just love all the amazing tools, towels, and aprons we have everything you could possibly need for your kitchen! We carry both Colorado Made AND Ouray Made items! Stop in to grab your spices and spatulas before you go.

    545 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Inside of Little Bucket of Flowers

    Little Bucket of Flowers

    A dream come true with 20 years of floral design experience. Nestled in the beautiful town of Ouray on Main Street, you’ll find an inviting patio filled with outdoor plants and garden accessories. Inside the shop are all of our fresh cut flowers and floral related gifts and novelties. Our goal is to create beautiful floral arrangements to suit your occasion. We love our locals, if you are a full timer or just here for a season, check out our patio.

    731 Main St |Ouray, CO 81427

    970. 318.0310

  • Inside of Mike Simpson Gallery

    Mike Simpson Art Gallery

    Revisit sensory delights of the San Juan’s back in the comfort of your home or office with a beautiful piece of Mike’s art. Soothe your mind and relive the memories of your San Juan Mountain love affair… until you can return. These fine art giclee prints are made from original watercolor or oil paintings.

  • Overhead view of interior of Mountain Fever Shirts & Gifts

    Mountain Fever Shirts & Gifts

    Welcome to the online home of Mountain Fever Shirts & Gifts. We carry a wide selection of clothing, gifts, souvenirs & memorabilia to choose from. If you can't make it into our store in Ouray, Co you can easily make your purchase via our online store.

    644 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Shelf in O'Toys


    An Independent & Locally Owned Toy Store in Beautiful Ouray Colorado! Find the perfect toy for the any occasion! We have a wide variety of modern toys, games and collectibles that will make you feel nostalgic no matter what generation you are from.

    229 6th Ave | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Counter in the Ouray Alchemist

    Ouray Alchemist

    The Ouray Alchemist Pharmacy Museum is a must-see when in Ouray! Take a guided tour back in time to experience pharmacy in the Wild West. Over 50 years of collecting has helped shape this outstanding re-creation of a frontier pharmacy, including the oldest prescription in Colorado. We have over 700 hand-blown pharmacy bottles many with the original drugs inside. Tours are private and need to be booked ahead. Curtis did all the collecting himself and put together a masterpiece pharmacy museum.

    533 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Inside of Ouray Bookshop

    Ouray Bookshop

    The Ouray Bookshop has everything you could possibly need to keep your brain occupied for hours. Whether it be the endless books available or puzzles. This warm and welcoming environment makes it a great spot to relax and read. Going to the pool? Buy a book to help bring your experience full circle!

    505 Main St Suite 110 | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Inside of Ouray CustomMade

    Ouray CustomMade

    Walking downstairs to our shop, you will become surrounding by everything CustomMade. We have immaculate paintings, jewelry, household items, decoration, and so much more. Supporting Ouray CustomMade supports our Ouray.

    630 Main Street | Ouray, CO 81427

  • Someone glass blowing

    Ouray Glassworks and Pottery

    Shopping at Ouray Glassworks and Pottery is a unique experience that combines the beauty of handcrafted art with the thrill of discovering one-of-a-kind treasures. The shop, located in the picturesque town of Ouray, Colorado, is known for its exceptional glasswork and pottery that showcase the region's natural beauty.

  • Storefront of Ouray Hardware & Mercantile

    Ouray Hardware & Mercantile

    OURAY HARDWARE & MERCANTILE in OURAY, CO is your locally owned hardware store. We're proud to be a member of the True Value family, and we're here to serve our community. Whether you're a pro or taking on a DIY home improvement project for the first time, we're right here in your neighborhood with the expert advice, tools, equipment and the products you need to get the job done. OURAY HARDWARE & MERCANTILE in OURAY, CO, we're here to help.

    700 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Inside of Ouray Ice House

    Ouray Ice House

    Also a place for local artist's to display their goods. Local artist Art by Jyoti painted a mural of downtown Ouray along with Ice Climber Jyoti will be displaying many works of his art when we open next week. We can give local artists a place to show others their craft. Currently waiting on stock to be delivered but next Friday we will kick the doors open. We will have specials often. Feel free to stop by we are here daily accepting deliveries. Front window decals are ordered just waiting on shipping.

    225 7th ave | Ouray, CO 81427

  • inside of Ouray Mountain Sports

    Ouray Mountain Sports

    This outdoor retail hub has everything you could possibly need for any adventure. Our staff is very knowledgable about the area, what you may need, and how to properly fit you for the best gear. We have maps, shirts, backpacks, and gear for about every activity imaginable. Looking for rentals? Look no further, we have that too!

    732 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Inside of Ouray Shirt Company

    Ouray Shirt Company

    We sell the best selection of unique t-shirts, gifts and souvenirs. We strive to carry products that are made in Colorado and one-of-a-kind! With over 35 years in business we are a favorite for many visitors

    630 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427

  • Sign outside of Ouray T-Shirts and Momentos

    Ouray T-Shirts and Momentos

    If you are visiting or if you are a local, everyone needs some Ouray gear! Good thing we got it! Come into our store and find so many shirts, you won’t know which to choose from.

    610 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Inside of RB Horsetraders - Art & Antiques

    RB Horsetraders - Art & Antiques

    Stop in off of Main Street to our incredible antique shop. With artifacts from many years past, you will be browsing for a while. Be sure to come say hello!

    629 Main St |Ouray, CO 81427


  • Outdoor sign in front of Red Mountain Trading Post

    Red Mountain Trading Post

    Red Mountain Trading Post is a sole proprietorship, run as a community service. My top selling items are flannel shirts, followed by vinyl records, antique bottles and mineral specimens, and so many random things from thousands of garage sales.

    1515 Main | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Rockin P Ranch

    Rockin P Ranch

    The rustic elegance of the Rockin P Ranch has something for everyone. We pride ourselves on having unique items from over 50 artists including women's clothing and jewelry from award winning artists, western furniture, art, decorative accessories.

    512 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Inside of Sew It Be

    Sew It Be

    We specialize in high quality fashions that are both attractive and functional. We select the best quality apparel available. We specialize in most apparel that is leather.

    533 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Inside of Silver Lynx

    Silver Lynx

    Visit Silver Lynx for beautiful artisan-made items from across Colorado, the United States, and produced by fair trade makers around the world. Find products that celebrate the natural world around us, including the geology, flora, fauna, and funga of the Rocky Mountain west. Support micro-businesses, self-employed artisans, and co-op makers who produce our beautiful fabrics and embroidery, metal, jewelry, prints, soaps, candles, handbags, home décor, and upcycled items.

    720 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Couch in Blue Pear Products

    The Blue Pear

    The Blue Pear’s mission is to create a special place where you can come shop. But not just to shop...have an experience for all your senses. We work on it everyday to give you a place that smells good, sounds soothing, is visually enticing, and stimulates your mind. Let's call it a shopping adventure for the soul.

    645 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Candles from The Burning Ass Trading Company

    The Burning Ass Trading Company

    Burning Ass Trading Company candles are soy based, made with essential oils, non-toxic and smell amazing! They make the perfect gift!

    725 Main Street


  • Inside of the Shaggy Coo

    The Shaggy Coo

    An eclectic mix of metal art, lighting, gifts, jewelry and curiosities from many local artists. All of our products are backed by our promise that we source from only the best artist and crafts people that we can find.

    505 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Person with feet on desk in the Sock Mine

    The Sock Mine

    Socks! Socks! Socks! Hey… We got socks! If you think of a topic or theme of sock, we probably have it. Keep those feet warm (and dry) by stopping by our Sock Mine on Main Street.

    722 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Inside of the Swiss Shop

    The Swiss Shop

    The owners of the Swiss Shop are from Switzerland, which is very fitting for Ouray, “The Switzerland of America.” In the shop, you will find some of the most incredible glass blowing art, photos of the area shot on FILM, and other hand-made items.

    514 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Inside of Twig + Feather

    Twig + Feather

    A sweet little mountain shop specializing in upcycled furniture, home decor, lighting, rugs, throws.

    812 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427

Need some food and drinks? We have your back!

  • Ouray Grocery

    Ouray Grocery

    Well stocked grocery store with great custom meat department and friendly staff. If you are needing to stock up your house, apartment, or hotel room we have it all!

    621 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Ouray Liquors

    Ouray Liquors

    Ouray Liquors offers an exceptional selection of craft & specialty beers, an extensive wine inventory and thorough spirits section. Also offering a nice selection of fine cigars, little cigars, RYO tobacco and cigarettes as well as vapor supplies. Ice and mixers available as well.

    611 Main St |Ouray, CO 81427


  • Ouray Meat & Cheese Market

    Ouray Meat & Cheese Market

    Fresh sausage, steaks, cheese, and seafood. We also have a fine selection of jerky, sausage sticks, bratwurst, hamburger patties, ribs, pickles, flavored balsamic vinegars and syrups, spices and more!

    736 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Ray's Jerky

    Ray's Jerky

    Ray’s Jerky is your must have snacks for what ever your adventure is. With multiple flavors to choose from, our jerky will keep you coming back for more!

    630 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


That Perfect Gift or Memory.

Arts, Crafts, Adventure Sports and More.


Ago Gallery

445 Main Street

Mouse’s Chocolates & Coffee

520 Main Street

Ouray T-Shirt & Momentos

1612 Main Street


Bloom Modern Mercantile

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North Moon Gallary

846 4th Street

Photos of Ouray

728 Main Street


The Blue Pear

645 Main Street


229 6th Avenue

The Powder Room at Ouray Hotel

303 6th Avenue


Chief Ouray Trading Post

735 Main Street

Ouray Alchemist

533 Main Street

R&B Horsetraders Antiques

629 Main Street


Columbine Gifts & Silver

614 Main Street

Ouray Bookshop

505 Main Street, Suite 110

Ray’s Jerky

630 Main Street


Columbine Mineral Shop

633 Main Street

Ouray Grocery

621 Main Street

Red Mountain Trading Post

1515 Main Street


Cora Belle & Company

640 Main Street

Ouray Dog Company

1900 Main Street

Rockin’ P Ranch

512 Main Street


Gator Emporium

608 Main Street

Ouray Glassworks & Gifts

619 Main Street

Silver Lynx

720 Main Street


High Country Leathers & Lifestyles

533 Main Street

Ouray Hardware & Mercantile

700 Main Street

The Sock Mine

722 Main Street


Khristopher’s Culinaire

545 Main Street

Ouray Liquors

5609 Main Street

The Shaggy Coo

505 Main Street


Little Bucket of Flowers

731 Main Street

Ouray Meat & Cheese

736 Main Street

Skol Studio & Design

812 Main Street


Mountain Dog Arts

825 Main Street

Ouray Mountain Sports

732 Main Street

The Swiss Store

514 Main Street


Mountain Fever Shirts and Gifts

644 Main Street

Ouray Shirt Company

630 Main Street